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Comic books from North America and UK

Hi! I'd like to start this non-Mirror'sEdge-related section of the forum by talking about comic books, but this thread will be focused only on north-american and british comic books, I'll create another one for other european (mostly french) comics and yet another one for mangas.

So, I've read mangas since I was a kid and never was really interested in comics (I'll just say comics instead of north-american comic books...) because I thought it was mostly about cliché superheroes like Superman and so on. Don't get me wrong, I like some of these heroes like Batman for example but mostly in movies and TV shows. I don't like what DC and Marvel do in terms of comics because for the same hero, there are litterally hundreds if not thousands of different stories with different writers and artists... so you can never have a complete collection. Then they create some alternative version or parallel universe and it's a complete mess.

One of my friends used to read superheroes comics but he kind of stopped recently because he discovered another publisher: Image Comics. He told me about that and we became fans of a lot of the comics they publish. First, most of the stories they publish are original. Writers and artists just submit their stories and they go for it if they think it's good, then the creators have total control on their books. Most of them are aimed at an adult public and I like that, I'm fed up with politically correct bullshit, so when I see a comic book with strong language, violence, sex and so on, I'm interested (not that I'm a deviant haha, it's just that I'm not interested in comics for kids anymore).

Obviously, Image Comics is not the only publisher to do that but I really like what they do and the way they do it.

Here are a few names I recommend: Rick Remender (writer), Greg Tocchini (artist), Matteo Scalera (artist), Mark Millar (writer), Sean Gordon Murphy (artist), Matt Hollingsworth (artist), Scott Snyder (writer), etc.

And here are some of their comic books (that I strongly recommend of course):

- Black Science (Remender and Scalera)

- LOW (Remender and Tocchini)

- The Last Days of American Crime (Remender and Tocchini)

- Tokyo Ghost (Remender, Murphy and Hollingsworth)

- The Wake (Snyder and Murphy)

I've also read the Mirror's Edge comics, I liked the stories but didn't like the art at all.

Some of the old Mass Effect comics as well (when the artist was Omar Francia): Redemption, Evolution and Invasion.

And to conclude, some other good things from Image comics: Big Man Plans, Chrononauts, Empty Zone, Snapshot...

So that's it, here's my vision of north-american comic books, tell my what's yours and take a look at some of the titles I gave you, there's some amazing stuff!

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