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I don't know about you but I have a passion for images, pictures, photos, whatever you call them! I love the amount of creativity that can be put in a single image. Hence my passion for photography... and video game photography when the weather is bad!

This days I don't play much and I don't take any screenshots at all but for years it was really a time consuming passion for me. Here's the Flickr gallery where I posted my shots, and here's the Mirror's Edge folder.

You'll see some of them are in huge resolution (some more than 20000px wide!). Enjoy :)

Some really incredible ones in that one for sure! How did you take the 360° ones?

Thanks :)

Most of the time,  it's just panoramas (I take screenshots all around me in the game and then assemble them with Microsoft ICE or something similar), and for those that resemble small planets, I make a 360° panorama and then I use a Photoshop plugin to give them this weird shape.

Really cool screenshots. The Pure Time Trials ones also look impressive!

Thanks a lot!

I should have spent more time in the map pack, there's a lot of potential for screenshots!

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