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Bag n°16 – Episode 5

When Merc warns you about the cops taking place on the rootops, the bag is located behind a fence, between two installations.

Bag n°17 – Episode 5

After you have jumped over a fence, you will see the runners logo on a yellow wall. Climb on the nearby structure instead of sliding under it and execute a wallrun to reach the next structure.

Bag n°18 – Episode 5

You will find this bag on top of a truck, in a garage.

Bag n°19 – Episode 6

At the beginning of this level, instead of going down the stairs, execute a wallrun on your left to reach the roof of a small building. The bag will be there.

Bag n°20 – Episode 6

After a big drop in a stairwell, you escape a shootout. Before you leave, take a look at the shelves on your left to find the bag.

Bag n°21 – Episode 6

Reach the other end of the orange room full of containers, then climb the structure on your left.

Bag n°22 – Episode 7

At the beginning of the level, before entering the truck, go on your right, the bag is on the ground next to a forklift.

Bag n°23 – Episode 7

After you have been attacked, you will reach the heights of the room by climbing on two trucks. Follow the vents on your right to find the bag in a dead end.

Bag n°24 – Episode 7

When reaching the boat’s deck, you are being shot at by a sniper. Go in the shed on your right, the bag is in the shadows behind some barrels.

Bag n°25 – Episode 8

After a big drop, you enter an orange room, the bag is on your right behind some boxes.

Bag n°26 – Episode 8

In the atrium, climb on the left side instead of the right side, it’s a dead end but you will find the bag there.

Bag n°27 – Episode 8

After leaving the atrium, you are crawling in the vents. You will spot the runners logo, the bag is right after that.

Bag n°28 – Episode 9

In the second corridor, you will clearly see the runners logo, the bag is right above.

Bag n°29 – Episode 9

After you have left Miller, you’re in a big room where everyone is trying to kill you. The bag is on a small balcony on the right side. You will reach it by jumping over an armchair.

Bag n°30 – Episode 9

This bag is located quite high in the vents.

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