This guide will help you find all the runner bags in Mirror’s Edge (2008).
This page covers bags 1 to 15. Click here for bags 16 to 30.
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Bag n°1 – Prologue

You will find this bag on your path when climbing on a vent.

Bag n°2 – Prologue

After the cops spot you for the first time, climb the stairs, open the door and go on your left (instead of reaching for the exit on your right). The bag is on top of a high shelf.

Bag n°3 – Prologue

Two cops are on your path, shooting at you. The second one is on a big metallic structure. The bag is located under this structure.

Bag n°4 – Episode 1

This one is on a rooftop, after you have jumped over an electric fence.

Bag n°5 – Episode 1

You are being chased by a helicopter, before climbing the blue metallic stairs, jump on the platform on your right to find this bag.

Bag n°6 – Episode 1

After you get out of the subway tunnels, several cops are shooting at you, but instead of fleeing, look for a fence in a dark corner under the big structure, the bag is in there.

Bag n°7 – Episode 2

You are being chased by a helicopter in the canals, the bag is on your left behind a pillar, juste before leaving the canals for a safer place.

Bag n°8 – Episode 2

In the stormdrain, after you get rid of the first sniper, make your way to the other two, the bag is close to them.

Bag n°9 – Episode 2

After leaving the stormdrain, you will find this bag behind a container next to a forklift.

Bag n°10 – Episode 3

After you fall from a vent, this bag is on your left, behind some white boxes.

Bag n°11 – Episode 3

A helicopter drops three cops in front of you, neutralise them or avoid them, you’ll find the bag a little further on the left.

Bag n°12 – Episode 3

After you have jumped from a crane to another, climb on the second one and you will find the bag.

Bag n°13 – Episode 4

Before getting down to the first red door, execute a wallrun to find the bag on the other platform.

Bag n°14 – Episode 4

After the elevator drop, wait a bit and you will hear a cop, then a door will open revealing the bag next to the enemy.

Bag n°15 – Episode 4

In the subway, after you have escaped the first group of cops, use the crossbars to reach the other side of the room. Then you will have to climb on your right, next to the runners logo, to find the bag.
Be careful though, because if you fall during the crossbars sequence, you will have to start over.

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