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Easter Eggs

If you have played some recent Battlefield games, you might have stumbled upon several references to Mirror’s Edge. Both games series are the creation of Swedish developper DICE.
On this page, we will try to list all the references to Mirror’s Edge found in other games. Of course, feel free to leave a comment below if we forgot any easter egg you might know!

Runner shoes

The first one can be found in the map “Markaz Monolith” of DLC Aftermath (Battlefield 3). Take a helicopter and fly to the roof of the building shown in the video below, and in one corner you’ll find Faith’s shoes, and even hear her breathe.


Runner bag

This easter egg is in the map “Death Valley” of DLC Armored Kill (Battlefield 3). Take a look at the video below and you will see it’s not very easy to access, but it is a clear reference to Mirror’s Edge as you will find a runner bag and hear a few notes of the game’s main theme.

Runner bag 2

There is another runner bah in Battlefield 3’s “Operation Metro”.

Runner bag 3

Another one, this time in Bad Company 2, chapter 8, in a cutscene right after the Jeep sequence.

Avenue de Faith Connors

In the same map as “runner bag 2”, there’s a sign that indicates “Avenue de Faith Connors” :

“LEAP” poster

At the very beginning of Battlefield 3’s solo campaign, the player jumps on the roof of a moving train just like Faith does in Mirror’s Edge. Then, inside the train we can see several posters that immediately remind us of ME.


This time, in Battlefield 4, several times during the solo campaign you will find screens displaying odd messages, all of which are references to Mirror’s Edge.
“Do you like to run?”, “Do you like heights?”, “Do you like the color red?”, and it is also possible to read “Faith”.
In the video below, only the first part is dedicated to this easter egg.

Faith Patch in Battlefield Hardline

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  1. Zemaskedman

    Il me semble qu’il y a un autre easter egg dans battlefield bad company 2 je crois, pendant une cinématique du mode solo on peut apercevoir le même sac jaune sur une étagère ou quelque chose du genre.

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