Secret achievements

This page explains how to unlock the secret achievements/trophies.

Runner bags

Here is a complete guide to help you find all the runner bags in Mirror’s Edge:

Special settings

This page explains how to tweak the field of view and how to activate a free camera mode and a third person view in Mirror’s Edge (2008).

Easter Eggs

Some games like Battlefield 3 contain Mirror’s Edge easter eggs.

Hidden message

The website is offline, but when it was still online, it was displaying this picture:

This image is hiding a message and there are two ways to read it: simply look at the file’s attributes in Windows Explorer, or change its extension from .jpg to .txt and open it with the notepad.
Here is the message it contains:

Who are you?, are you trying to get me killed?
Your name is a lie, your code was wrong, they found me, you led them to me.
But I escaped, I always escape, it’s what I do, It’s all I do.
Before it was only personal, for what you had taken from me.
But things have changed, they always change, and for you, they have not changed for the better.
I’ll find you, but don’t worry, you won’t see me coming, none of you will.


In the file’s properties, we can also read the number ‘88.7’ under the category tags. It is also present in the game, written on the ground or the walls next to several runner bags.