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To make the universe of Mirror’s Edge more believable, several fictitious brands have been created, along with products ans people. This is all put forward by aggressive advertising with omnipresent billboards throughout the city and it is pretty obvious that they are all following the same graphics standards: two colours only (one of them must be white).
Most of these brands and products obey the policy of extreme control set by the governing power and as for the more commonplace companies, they are under the influence of the city hall anyway.

Companies / Brands

Most of the companies in Mirror’s Edge are based on (controlled) communications, health, energy and hygiene.
We can also see that a lot of businesses are dedicated to (and probably under the influence of) the city, there are only a few private companies and even those are connected to the city/mayor (Burfield Shipping, Callaghan Construction, etc).


In the products category, we also find this concern of being healthy (even doughnuts are sugar-free) and keeping the city and its people clean (hand lotion, bug spray, etc).
Almost no entertainment.


In terms of people, only election campaigns are advertised. The only candidates are Pope and Callaghan, and since Pope is killed during the first chapters, power will remain in the hands of the curent mayor if the people do not react.

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    I looked up for good quality Vegade logo so long time, and randomly visited this page by find another image in Google Images. Thank you for publish all of this logos!

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