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Launch trailer!

Hi there! I’m still in Japan for an unknown period of time and these days I really don’t have time to even use my laptop, it’s the first morning in days I’m spending time on the internet, but I’ll be short because I still have a lot ahead of me. Just a reminder, here’s my Instagram if you want to see what I’ve visited (I post a lot of photos)!
So, the release date of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is getting closer (June 7th US / June 9th Eur) and it was time for EA/Dice to release the game’s launch trailer, which is pretty awesome:

And if you are an Origin Access or EA Access member, you’ll be able to play the game starting June 2nd but only for 6 hours.
Bye bye!

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Comic book, posters, trailer and more…

Hi there, I have several things for you today!
* First: Mirror’s Edge Exordium is now complete. The sixth and last chapter of this comic book has been released yesterday and we will have to wait until May to buy the TPB version. If you have read all the chapters, tell me what you think of this story in the comments!
* While searching Exordium on the Dark Horse website, I also stumbled upon this: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – The Poster Collection. With a release date almost identical to the game’s, this set contains 20 high quality art prints with a size of 12x16in and is available for pre-order at $24.99.
* If you have loved the recent Catalyst Story Trailer, then go ahead and download the high quality version over at Gamersyde! 1080p and 177MB are way better than YouTube quality, watch it and re-watch it again, personally it gives me the chills!
* And to conclude this messy article, I wanted to let you know that I have updated the “characters” pages here on Mirror’s Edge Fans. It used to be one page per character (which was way too much), now there’s a page where you can choose whether you want to see the characters from Mirror’s Edge or Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The menu has been updated as well.
Oh and stay tuned, there could be some new stuff on the official website about new characters in Catalyst (it’s just a feeling, I might be totally wrong!).

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[Update 1] New video and closed beta!

We’ve been waiting for news related to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for a while once again and the game will be release in a little less than four months so it’s time for EA/DICE to show us more of the game with a brand new video!

Something else came up: if you want to be one of the first people to try the game at home, your can register for the closed beta on PC, PS4 or Xbox One via this page!
Update 1:
Okay so now that we’ve all seen the video, let me just say this: WOW! In this story trailer we learn a more about Faith and see a lot more of the City of Glass, which looks amazing! I’ll have to watch it again several times to grasp all the details but overall it’s pretty awesome!
The official Mirror’s Edge website now has a “characters” section, obviously starting with details about Faith, with a new visual. Click here to read.

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[Update 4] Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at Gamescom ’15

EA’s Gamescom conference is still going on and we already have a new video about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and it’s pure gameplay:

In this first Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gameplay trailer, experience the moment where Faith begins her rise from a carefree runner to the hero the city needs. Playing in first person allows players to feel her fluid movement, combat and power.

At the beginning of the game, Faith is released from juvenile detention, and her long-time mentor, Noah, has welcomed her back to the Runner’s lair. He now trusts Faith enough to give her a true Runner’s job. She is tasked to break into the Elysium building in the Downtown district to find a terminal where she can get access to important information. However, things don’t go as planned as Gabriel Kruger makes an unannounced visit to the facility…

And here’s a screenshot that’s been published on social networks:

I’ll update this article if needed so think about coming back :)
The official website has been updated with several new articles, I’m going to read them and update this article again to tell you the most important details, in the meantime, here are some new screenshots:

The first article is a biography of Faith. Here’s what we learn:

  • Her parents’ names: Martin Connors and Erika Connors.
  • Glass is the third largest city in Cascadia.
  • The November Riots opposed non-violent protesters lead by Faith’s parents against the police and KrugerSec (the largest private security firm).
  • Faith barely got away, saved by Noah, a friend of her parents. He became a substitute father to her. He’s also the guy who’s talking to her over the radio in the game.
  • After the riots, two entitites emerged: the Black November resistance movement and the Conglomerate. Faith is neutral.
  • Faith is quite selfish (at least in the beginning), she cares more about running than helping the people.

The other article is dedicated to the city of Glass and is presented like an official tourist’s guide published by the city itself:

  • The coastal city of Glass is located to the far south of Cascadia Prime.
  • Glass is one of two development hubs for Silvine Systems and therefore stands at the forefront of the digitized revolution.
  • The city of the first game was probably called “Sky City”.
  • (From the government’s point of view) the city is full of life and leisure activities.
  • Centuries ago, Glass used to be a small seaside village.
  • There’s a new calendar, starting at FY00 (when “our proud Nation of Cascadia was formed”).
  • When the city started growing, crime augmented as well, until the “Kruger Uprising”.
  • The riots happened in FY34.
  • “The Conglomerate Board decided to do its utmost to eradicate and heal the terrible trauma of those chaotic weeks, and CC Corp was given the full mandate to refurbish and reconstruct the city”.

The way this article is written (from the point of view of the government), it really looks like I’m reading a dystopian novel like Orwell’s 1984: the people has no right except smiling and saying everything is alright even if it’s completely untrue.
Here are three new screenshots published by Gamersyde:

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HQ Trailer + PS4 Theme

It’s been two weeks since EA’s E3 announcement and the only trailer version we had until now was the (rather poor quality) YouTube version. But not anymore! Since yesterday, Gamersyde provides a way better version, still 1080p but without the extreme YouTube compression, so it’s 500MB for two minutes, but it’s worth it!
Click here to download the trailer over at Gamersyde.
Another thing, apparently there’s a PS4 theme offered if you pre-order Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on the PlayStation Store. I can’t verify the info though because on the French version of the Store, there’s nothing about MEC and I can’t seem to access the US version of the Store so I’ll leave you with this video:

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My friends, I have trouble containing my excitement… Mirror’s Edge 2 has been ANNOUNCED!!!
Watch this gorgeous trailer along with these three awesome wallpapers: MirrorsEdge.com
Enjoy :)



Update: Now that we’ve been able to enjoy the trailer and wallpapers, what can we say about them? Firstly the official site says that ME2 will be out on next-gen (consoles of course, but let’s hope for PC too). It’s going to run on Frostbite 3 (DICE’s engine most known for its use in Battlefield) and… we shouldn’t be too eager to play it! Yeah, unfortunately it seems our patience will again be put to the test, because (fortunately) DICE wants to create an exceptional experience, and that’s going to take time.
About the trailer, the hand-to-hand combat seems to be more varied, we can see new enemies, Faith has a new haircut and we can see some interiors and a shot of the city.
Visually, they seem to have stuck with the clean art style, which is a good thing since it made a large part of the atmosphere of the first game.
Other than that, the trailer contains some scenes that show the moment when Faith gets her tattoos.
Does that mean that the script will cover the events before Mirror’s Edge 1? Hopefully we’ll be informed soon.
Update 2: As the readers have pointed out in the comments, this new game isn’t called Mirror’s Edge 2 but simply Mirror’s Edge… Kinda confusing!
Update 3: Our readers certainly have a lot of skills: one of them says in the comments that, when opening the audio file that you hear on the official site in a word processor, we learn it’s made by Magnus Walterstad, the sound designer of the first Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield 3. On the other hand, we still don’t know if Solar Fields will do the soundtrack like in the first game.
Here’s the link to hear the sound I’m talking about: click here (link is now dead).

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La version PC en vidéo

Aujourd’hui, Electronic Arts illustre la version PC de Mirror’s Edge toujours prévue pour janvier 2008.
Comme vous pourrez le voir, c’est plus joli que sur consoles, et si vous posséder une carte PhysX d’AGEIA, ou plus généralement une carte graphique récente, vous aurez droit à de magnifiques effets de particules (fumée, tissus ou papiers qui se déchirent, etc).
En somme une belle vidéo, accompagnée du remix de Still Alive par Junkie XL, que du bonheur !
Par ici pour visionner ce trailer.