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More than 35 minutes of gameplay videos

Just when we’ve seen some more of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst with the latest dev diary, some gameplay videos are popping on YouTube, here are two of them.
The first one shows the first 20 minutes of the game and the second one is mostly exploration. Obviously, if you want to discover the game when it’s released, don’t watch these!


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New ‘gameplay’ page

The official Mirror’s Edge website has just published a brand new page dedicated to gameplay, through combat, gadgets and movement.
We already know most of the info provided by this new page but there are a bit more details about gadgets like the Mag Rope and the Disruptor. It’s also an occasion for some new visuals and two short videos including a little bit of new footage from Catalyst:


Feel free to discuss this with us on the new Mirror’s Edge Fans forum!


Movement in MEC & Exordium tomorrow

Hi there!
There are two things to talk about today: one, the first issue of Mirror’s Edge Exordium will be available for purchase tomorrow. If you don’t know what ME Exordium is, it’s a comic book in which we will learn the events leading up to the beginning of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. If you are a fan of the series, reading Exordium before playing Catalyst could be a good thing to do!
On the other hand, there’s a new article on the official website of Mirror’s Edge and it’s the first of a series dedicated to the new movement system in Catalyst.
In this first article, we learn that the “Up Action” is pretty much the same as in the first game (why would you change something that works?) but there’s also a brand new action on the right trigger of the controller called “Shift”. This new action lets you easily move sideways in any direction (even backwards), make a sharper 90° turn and prevent deadly falls.
Once again, DICE insists on the fact that both beginners and advanced players will find what they need in terms of movements and actions. Can’t wait to try this out myself!

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[Update 4] Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at Gamescom ’15

EA’s Gamescom conference is still going on and we already have a new video about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and it’s pure gameplay:

In this first Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gameplay trailer, experience the moment where Faith begins her rise from a carefree runner to the hero the city needs. Playing in first person allows players to feel her fluid movement, combat and power.

At the beginning of the game, Faith is released from juvenile detention, and her long-time mentor, Noah, has welcomed her back to the Runner’s lair. He now trusts Faith enough to give her a true Runner’s job. She is tasked to break into the Elysium building in the Downtown district to find a terminal where she can get access to important information. However, things don’t go as planned as Gabriel Kruger makes an unannounced visit to the facility…

And here’s a screenshot that’s been published on social networks:

I’ll update this article if needed so think about coming back :)
The official website has been updated with several new articles, I’m going to read them and update this article again to tell you the most important details, in the meantime, here are some new screenshots:

The first article is a biography of Faith. Here’s what we learn:

  • Her parents’ names: Martin Connors and Erika Connors.
  • Glass is the third largest city in Cascadia.
  • The November Riots opposed non-violent protesters lead by Faith’s parents against the police and KrugerSec (the largest private security firm).
  • Faith barely got away, saved by Noah, a friend of her parents. He became a substitute father to her. He’s also the guy who’s talking to her over the radio in the game.
  • After the riots, two entitites emerged: the Black November resistance movement and the Conglomerate. Faith is neutral.
  • Faith is quite selfish (at least in the beginning), she cares more about running than helping the people.

The other article is dedicated to the city of Glass and is presented like an official tourist’s guide published by the city itself:

  • The coastal city of Glass is located to the far south of Cascadia Prime.
  • Glass is one of two development hubs for Silvine Systems and therefore stands at the forefront of the digitized revolution.
  • The city of the first game was probably called “Sky City”.
  • (From the government’s point of view) the city is full of life and leisure activities.
  • Centuries ago, Glass used to be a small seaside village.
  • There’s a new calendar, starting at FY00 (when “our proud Nation of Cascadia was formed”).
  • When the city started growing, crime augmented as well, until the “Kruger Uprising”.
  • The riots happened in FY34.
  • “The Conglomerate Board decided to do its utmost to eradicate and heal the terrible trauma of those chaotic weeks, and CC Corp was given the full mandate to refurbish and reconstruct the city”.

The way this article is written (from the point of view of the government), it really looks like I’m reading a dystopian novel like Orwell’s 1984: the people has no right except smiling and saying everything is alright even if it’s completely untrue.
Here are three new screenshots published by Gamersyde:

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Mirror’s Edge at E3 2014

EA’s E3 conference is still going on, but they’ve talked about Mirror’s Edge, and that’s all that matters for us ^^
So, what we’ve seen was not a trailer, there was gameplay but only in its early stage (no textures, simple environment). DICE’s people were talking about what they want to achieve with the game, but really, there’s not much new, I was expecting more (and you too I’m sure). They say that they’re trying to give the player maximum freedom of movement: you’ll be able to choose a safe but long route, or a short but dangerous one.
Also, they’re trying to improve the fighting part to reflect how agile and efficient Faith is.
Let’s hope they will release some pictures because it’s not what we hoped for!
Update: here’s the video of the conference

Update 2: new pictures



Update 3
Two new things (nothing big): you can now buy Mirror’s Edge t-shirts on the DICE Store.
And on the official site, Sara Jansson (Mirror’s Edge Senior Producer) has published a new article in which she states that “the game is progressing nicely […] but we’re still pretty early in development”… In short, don’t get your hopes up for a quick release. The rest is just promotional talk you make to want the game right now!
Update 4
Here are some screenshots of the video featured today at E3, you will find them alongside other Mirror’s Edge pictures on the “images” page.

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La version iPhone en vidéo

Alors que je viens de vous annoncer le report de la version iPhone/iPod Touch de Mirror’s Edge, je tombe sur une vidéo de gameplay dudit jeu de presque 10 minutes.
Cela illustre assez bien la puissance de l’iPhone qui pourtant tient au creux de la main, c’est vraiment impressionnant. Les animations pêchent quelques fois mais les interactions avec le décor sont nombreuses. Il s’agit principalement d’une course d’obstacles mêlée d’affrontements avec les forces de police. La séquence qui se déroule en intérieur fait fortement penser au jeu Shadow Complex, et c’est un bon point, elle semble très bien réalisée.
En somme, cette mouture de Mirror’s Edge risque d’être un assez bon jeu pour le matériel d’Apple et plaira aussi bien aux fans qu’aux néophytes.