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Announcing the giveaway winner

Alright, so 31 people took part in this little contest and after randomly picking a number between 1 and 31 using Random.org, number 29 came up, so the winner is batman5121!
Congratulations to you, I will send you the Origin key for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on the email address you used to register on MEF. Enjoy the game!
And for the others, sorry you didn’t win but you can still get the game at a cool price over at Kinguin who provided the key for this giveaway, thanks Kinguin!

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Origin giveaway!


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates lately, for those who don’t know, I’m in Japan so I don’t always have time to write news on this site. I can’t even play Catalyst! I hope you guys and girls are enjoying the game though, but if like me, you still haven’t bought Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, here’s a chance for you to get it for free!
I have partnered with Kinguin to get you a free copy of the game on Origin! All you have to do is sign-up to Mirror’s Edge Fans if it’s not already done and write a comment below this article saying you want the game (please don’t do this if you already have the game)! On Monday I will write another article to announce the end of the operation and I will randomly choose a winner from the participants.
If you don’t want to wait, you can buy the game on Kinguin at a great price :)
Good luck!

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Various info

Here are a few different things that I want to tell you.
First of all, The Art of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has appeared on Amazon.fr so if you live in France, click here to pre-order it (38,09€). Of course it’s also available on Amazon.com ($35.99) and Amazon.co.uk (£26.03). The release date is still set to 23 February 2016.
About the cosplay contest, here’s what the prize looks like (it’s a lithograph from the comic book signed by the development team):

And then, a picture of Icarus that I’ve never seen before. Thanks to OvenDonkey for sendind it to me! Note that his hood has the mention “Pirandello”… Intriguing isn’t it?

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Mirror’s Edge cosplay contest

With San Diego’s Comic Con, EA/Dice have put together a cosplay contest. The goal is quite simple, cosplay as Faith and submit your photo(s) on Twitter (@mirrorsedge) or if you’re going to Comic Con, swing by the Dark Horse booth and tell them you want to enter the contest.
The prize (for the 5 winners) is a Mirror’s Edge Catalyst lithograph signed by the development team, which is pretty cool!
If you’re cosplaying as Faith (or another runner), feel free to show us as well to @MirrorsEdgeFans, I’ll publish the best ones on our fan art/cosplay page (with your permission).
You’ll find more info about the contest here.
Good luck!


New winner – Mirror’s Edge for free!

As I was telling you earlier, Mirror’s Edge is on sale on Steam right now, but it’s still not as cheap as 0$!
To win a Steam copy of the game, register on Mirror’s Edge Fans and leave a comment on this news. Tomorrow I will randomly select a winner and offer him/her a Steam copy of the game!
Please enter the contest only if you have a Steam account, but feel free to join Mirror’s Edge Fans in any case :)
Update 1: The contest will be over today (February 2nd, 2014) at 7PM, hour of Paris, France. Refer to The World Clock.
Update 2: It’s 5PM here in France, two hours left to win a Steam copy of Mirror’s Edge! Register on Mirror’s Edge Fans and leave a comment below!
Update 3: One hour left to participate!
Update 4: The contest is over, and the winner is MrPfouify . I’ll contact him by email to offer him a Steam copy of Mirror’s Edge.
I hope you like Mirror’s Edge Fans and you will stay with us to learn more about this great series of games, especially when we’ll get some news about the reboot!
Thanks :)
Update 5: New update: our winner already had Mirror’s Edge so I have to run a new random selection and the winner is DEFCON SHARK!

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Concours Machinima

NVIDIA et Machinima.com organisent un concours autour de Mirror’s Edge. Par contre, je vous préviens tout de suite, si vous n’habitez pas aux Etats-Unis, c’est fichu.
En gros, il s’agit de créer une vidéo amusante en utilisant des séquences de Mirror’s Edge. Le montage doit durer entre 45 secondes et 4 minutes. Les vidéos seront postées sur Youtube le 15 février et seront visibles jusqu’au 2 mars. Celle qui aura été visionnée le plus grand nombre de fois l’emportera. Un peu débile comme façon de faire…
Bref, souhaitons bonne chance à tous ces cinéastes en herbe.

URL du concours.


Cliquez ici !

La version australienne du site Mirrorsedge.com organise un concours pour gagner des cadeaux (PS3, Mirror’s Edge, etc). Bien sûr, seuls les Australiens pourront en profiter, mais vous pouvez toujours vous amuser (si vous trouvez ça amusant), il faut cliquer sur des points qui apparaissent à l’écran pendant la diffusion d’un des trailers.
Ca se passe par ici.

Ah par contre, le truc bien c’est qu’il y a un nouveau fond d’écran sur ce site.