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Exordium #5 cover

As I told you two days ago, the second chapter of Mirror’s Edge Exordium is now available for purchase. And since today, you can also pre-order the fifth chapter which is scheduled for release on January 13, 2016 (about one month before Mirror’s Edge Catalyst).
As usual you can buy this comic book at DarkHorse for $3.99.

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Exordium #2 is available

As expected, the second chapter of Mirror’s Edge Exordium (the comic book) is now available at Dark Horse in print format but also in digital download (for iOS and Android devices), in English, French and Japanese at the same price as the print version ($3.99).
I have yet to read the first chapter but feel free to discuss this comic book in the comments!
The next issue is still scheduled for November 11, 2015.

Have a nice day!


New article: Designing Faith

The release date of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is getting closer and closer (still 5 months to wait but time flies so, 5 months is nothing), and EA/Dice keep telling us about the creation of this new game on the official website.
The latest article they have published is dedicated to the creation of our beloved Faith. Or, to be more precise, the update of Faith’s appearance. As they state in the article, we have discovered her new looks in the E3 2013 trailer and to be honest, not everyone is fond of this new look (by the way, tell me your opinion about that in the comment section).
In any case, this new post tells us how the design team gave Faith a fresh new look but always keeping in mind the basic “building blocks” of her appearance using some kind of very simplistic pixel art version of her.
They have also tried to give her the body of a real person without exaggerating the proportions but keeping in mind that Faith is a very athletic woman.
Then there are a few words about her clothes: the team tried to give her something modern and practical, looking at sportswear and prototypes.
Personally I don’t dislike Faith’s new look, I think they kept the idea of a strong but realistic female character and I can’t wait to live her new adventures in February!

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Solar Fields is working on MEC

Good news everyone! You probably remember the amazing soundtrack of the first Mirror’s Edge (and I’m not talking about “Still Alive” but about the in-game music), well the composer behind this OST is Solar Fields (Magnus Birgersson), an electro/ambient music maker and he’s great, you should really listen to his stuff.
Well the good news is that he is also working on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst! A lot of people were wondering about his involvement in the new game and today EA/Dice announced that he has indeed been chosen for the task. I’m really glad they hired him again because his work in general is fantastic and he has done wonders with Mirror’s Edge.
If you want to learn more about his working process, check out this interview on the official Mirror’s Edge website.
And here’s a sample of his work on Catalyst:

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New images of MEC collector’s edition

The American version of Amazon has published new images of the collector’s edition of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (still set for release February 23, 2016).
The content hasn’t changed:

  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Video Game
  • 14″ Adult Faith/Young Faith diorama
  • Exclusive Steel book
  • Exclusive lithograph
  • Set of 10 concept pieces
  • Temporary logo tattoo
  • Temporary Faith arm tattoo
  • Storage box

And the price is still $199.99 (rather expensive if you ask me). If you still want to buy this beautiful collector’s edition, here are the links for the three available version: PlayStation 4Xbox OnePC
Here are the pictures:

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New glitchless record + Exordium #4 cover

Hi there! As I told you a few days ago, the first issue of Mirror’s Edge Exordium (the comic book) was released yesterday. I have yet to read it but if you have, feel free to talk about it in the comments!
While I’m talking about Exordium, here’s the cover illustration of the fourth issue that will be released some time in December:

And now here’s something else. You probably know that a lot of people have spent quite some time perfecting their parkour skills in the first Mirror’s Edge. There have been several world records and here’s a new one with no glitches/bugs exploits: glost999 finished the game in 46m02s! That’s what I call proficiency.
Take a look below (and cry):

Like the video if you want him to try and break this record!

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Movement in MEC & Exordium tomorrow

Hi there!
There are two things to talk about today: one, the first issue of Mirror’s Edge Exordium will be available for purchase tomorrow. If you don’t know what ME Exordium is, it’s a comic book in which we will learn the events leading up to the beginning of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. If you are a fan of the series, reading Exordium before playing Catalyst could be a good thing to do!
On the other hand, there’s a new article on the official website of Mirror’s Edge and it’s the first of a series dedicated to the new movement system in Catalyst.
In this first article, we learn that the “Up Action” is pretty much the same as in the first game (why would you change something that works?) but there’s also a brand new action on the right trigger of the controller called “Shift”. This new action lets you easily move sideways in any direction (even backwards), make a sharper 90° turn and prevent deadly falls.
Once again, DICE insists on the fact that both beginners and advanced players will find what they need in terms of movements and actions. Can’t wait to try this out myself!

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Recap from last week

Hi there, as I was saying before, I was on holidays last week so I missed a few things. Let’s see what’s new with Mirror’s Edge!
Let’s start with this: PAX Prime is right now and Microsoft can make you win custom Xbox One controllers and one of them is (they say) dedicated to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. It’s so ugly that I don’t see the reference to MEC but here’s a link to the contest and a picture below:

Next; apparently there’s a new concept art around. It’s been shown at Siggraph 2015 and serves as an inspiration for DICE to work on “screenspace reflections” in their Frostbite engine. Of course, this picture is merely a concept art, a mix between a rough 3D base and a lot of digital painting over it, but it looks great nonetheless and here it is (click here for better quality):

To keep talking technical, DualShockers have a quick interview of Sara Jansson in which she talks about how the Mirror’s Edge team works with the Frostbite team to develop a specific reflection technology that would fit the game’s requirements and also the streaming technology needed in a game in which you can interact with everything and keep going forward pretty fast without any loading screens.
Then there’s another Sara Jansson interview (video this time) by OutsideXbox in which she (evasively) answers a few questions. Here’s the link, if you have been following the news here on Mirror’s Edge Fans, you probably won’t learn anything. The only detail that I find intriguing is when she says “there’s something outside of the city that we will hint about”.
Well I think that’s about it, I hope I didn’t miss anything. If it’s the case, please tell me in the comments!

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