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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in Little Big Planet 3

If you live in Honk Kong or in Denmark (if “dk” stands for Denmark), then yes, you can play as Faith, Noah and other characters from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst in Little Big Planet 3 on PS3 and PS4 for about $5 or $6. I guess the US and european versions will come soon.
Here’s the exact content as advertised by PlaySation:

• Give Sackgirl® the iconic eye tattoo and red glove with this Faith costume.
• Sackboy® has never looked cooler than with Noah’s leather jacket.
• With a crisp white long coat and earpiece Sackgirl® can look just like Kruger’s Bodyguard.
• Gear up Sackboy® with the Enforcer’s space-age armour costume.
• Have Sackboy® traverse Bunkum dressed in the armour suit of a Sentinel.

And here are the links to the PlayStation Store : for Hong Kong and for Denmark (I guess).


Animations in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

EA/DICE has published yet another “Makers of MEC” article focusing this time on the game’s animations.
Character Animator Emil Nilsson tells us about his work on Catalyst: it involves animation creation and motion capture footage tweaking (because it’s never perfect).
Animating for an FPS game with so many Parkour movements really is a challenge for many reasons, including motion sickness. Trying to avoid this effect is rather tricky but they manage to get good results.
Emil Nilsson also talks about combat, which will be way more developped in Catalyst than it was in the first game, even with some third person action.
We don’t really learn anything new in this interview but it’s interesting anyway, I’ll let you read it by yourself (link above).


A date for Exordium TP

We know that Dark Horse publishes one chapter of Exordium every month, but until now we didn’t know the release date of the TP (trade paperback) version of the whole comic book.
The release date has been revealed by Amazon: May 17, 2016. A few days before Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.
So that’s it, if you’re the kind of person who prefers buying the TP version, you’ll have to wait three months after the last chapter to read the entire story (144 pages)…
The price is $19.99 on Amazon.com, £12.96 on Amazon.co.uk and 18,76€ on Amazon.fr.


Designing the city of Glass

Continuing the series of articles about “the makers of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst”, EA/Dice has published an interview of Level Artist Linnea Harrison.
After the gameplay and the narration, let’s talk about the environment, the city of Glass. Linnea Harrison tells us how she works on this beautiful city and I’ve noted several interesting parts in her answers:
“The fancy areas will look glossy and exclusive while the slightly older districts will have concrete and matte materials.” => Nothing to add here, it’s pretty explicit and I’m curious about those “older districts”.
“We have worked a lot on how elements such as billboards, the rain, and just life in general should look.” => The city in the first Mirror’s Edge was beautiful but quite empty, lifeless. It looks like they’re not doing the same mistake with Catalyst, which is a great news!
“I have one tip for you: think vertically.” => Once again, the first game was pretty horizontal, the action took place on rooftops or on ground level (or underground), but not all at the same time, whereas in Catalyst -with its freeroaming potential- we will be able to go everywhere and every part of the city will be interesting whether it’s high or low.
I’ll let you read the interview by yourself for other details (link above) but I must say, I like these articles, they’re building our anticipation and I can’t wait to finally play this game!


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst postponed

I have some bad news… We were all waiting for the release of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on February 23, 2016 in the US and February 25 in the rest of the world but Sara Jansson has just announced that the release date has been delayed to May 24, 2016.
Obviously they’re not doing this just to make us wait more but to make sure the game’s perfect when released.
Hopefully we’re going to see more of the game in the coming weeks/months, but we will have to wait seven months before getting our hands on it…

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ME Exordium #3 preview

Multiversity Comics has obtained the exclusivity to reveal three pages of the next issue of Mirror’s Edge Exordium, set for release on 11/11/2015.
Looks like there’s a lot of action in this new chapter and the visual style is a bit different because one of the artists (Robert Sammelin) has been replaced (by Henrik Sahlstrom). I’m not a big fan of this kind of changes but we can only accept it.
Here are the three pages:


Writing for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Just a few days after the first “making of” article, DICE already published a new one, this time about the narration in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, with Christofer Emgård, Narrative Director.
He explains the various tasks he works on in order to improve the game and gives a few words about the Exordium comics because he also has a role in this too (which is a good thing for story coherence between the different mediums). His role is pretty important in creating an interesting universe for the game and the comic book and he’s very invested in this task so much so that he thinks about it all the time (even during the week-ends).
He also tells us that one of his favourite characters (except Faith of course) is Dogen (you know him if you have read the first two issues of Exordium).
Well, I’m not going to re-write the interview here so you should read it by yourself!


A few words about gameplay

The creators of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst have started a new series of posts on the official website about the making of the game. This is going to be pretty interesting!
The first article is an interview of the Lead Gameplay Designer: Rickard Antroia. He gives us some insight about the way he works at DICE and a brand new detail about the gameplay: they have added a slow motion effect to help the player when Faith is dying. It gives you a few seconds to act and maybe escape a fatal outcome. He says that it looks really cool (especially the ennemies and shots).
DICE will probably show this new feature in a future gameplay video, in the meantime, we’ll wait for the next article!

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