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New ‘gameplay’ page

The official Mirror’s Edge website has just published a brand new page dedicated to gameplay, through combat, gadgets and movement.
We already know most of the info provided by this new page but there are a bit more details about gadgets like the Mag Rope and the Disruptor. It’s also an occasion for some new visuals and two short videos including a little bit of new footage from Catalyst:


Feel free to discuss this with us on the new Mirror’s Edge Fans forum!

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New MEF forum!

Hey there! Recently on Twitter I was asking if people would be interested in a forum on Mirror’s Edge Fans and 80% said yes!
So guess what I did… a new forum of course! It’s open right now for you to go and talk about Mirror’s Edge and other stuff you like in the appropriate section. Use this link or the one in the menu under “Community”.
As you will see, I’ve split the forum in two big parts: English and French. Obviously, the content in these two sections will be different but I hope it will work this way. If you know a bit of French, come see us there! I’ll be using both languages so you will see me everywhere!
If you are already registered on Mirror’s Edge Fans, you won’t need another account for the forum, you’ll be using the same login/password for both. If don’t have an account on MEF, when you do create one, check your “spam” folder if you don’t see the registration email in your inbox.
If you want, introduce yourself in the appropriate section, you can also give suggestions to improve the forum/site, obviously talk about the Mirror’s Edge franchise and the last sub-forum is for you to talk about anything you like (please avoid politics though :P)!
See you on the forums!


Comic book, posters, trailer and more…

Hi there, I have several things for you today!
* First: Mirror’s Edge Exordium is now complete. The sixth and last chapter of this comic book has been released yesterday and we will have to wait until May to buy the TPB version. If you have read all the chapters, tell me what you think of this story in the comments!
* While searching Exordium on the Dark Horse website, I also stumbled upon this: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – The Poster Collection. With a release date almost identical to the game’s, this set contains 20 high quality art prints with a size of 12x16in and is available for pre-order at $24.99.
* If you have loved the recent Catalyst Story Trailer, then go ahead and download the high quality version over at Gamersyde! 1080p and 177MB are way better than YouTube quality, watch it and re-watch it again, personally it gives me the chills!
* And to conclude this messy article, I wanted to let you know that I have updated the “characters” pages here on Mirror’s Edge Fans. It used to be one page per character (which was way too much), now there’s a page where you can choose whether you want to see the characters from Mirror’s Edge or Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The menu has been updated as well.
Oh and stay tuned, there could be some new stuff on the official website about new characters in Catalyst (it’s just a feeling, I might be totally wrong!).

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[Update 1] New video and closed beta!

We’ve been waiting for news related to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for a while once again and the game will be release in a little less than four months so it’s time for EA/DICE to show us more of the game with a brand new video!

Something else came up: if you want to be one of the first people to try the game at home, your can register for the closed beta on PC, PS4 or Xbox One via this page!
Update 1:
Okay so now that we’ve all seen the video, let me just say this: WOW! In this story trailer we learn a more about Faith and see a lot more of the City of Glass, which looks amazing! I’ll have to watch it again several times to grasp all the details but overall it’s pretty awesome!
The official Mirror’s Edge website now has a “characters” section, obviously starting with details about Faith, with a new visual. Click here to read.

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New info this week

Hi there, sorry for the lack of news last week but I wasn’t home. The good thing is that this week will be way more interesting and you know why? Because EA/Dice has started teasing some news on Twitter yesterday: “Faith is returning. Stay alert this week.
Hopefully we will see news screenshots and info and perhaps a trailer… Not much to do except wait and check the social networks frequently!
In other news, Dark Horse has published a two-page preview (next time it’ll be one page haha) of Mirror’s Edge Exordium’s sixth and last chapter that will be released on February 10, check this out:

There’s also been a new interview of Design Director Erik Odeldahl by Prankster101. There are questions about sexual discrimination in games, gameplay issues and some seemingly annoying questions about budget and how big games like Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront affected the developpment of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at DICE.


Mirror’s Edge in Dying Light

The wait for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is not over yet, but fans of the first game are becoming less and less patient as the release date gets closer. In the meantime, they get creative!
In December 2015, someone named Elimina has started sharing a work in progress version of his new mod (map) for Dying Light. If you don’t know this game, it’s a mix of parkour FPS and zombie shooting, pretty fun. Elimina is trying to re-create the very first level of Mirror’s Edge (The Edge) in Dying Light and it looks like he’s doing a pretty good job!
The map is available on the Steam Workshop so you can try it out. Obviously there’s still a lot of work to do but for a pre-alpha version, it looks rather nice!
Here are a few screenshots:

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Mirror’s Edge Exordium #5 preview

Hi there! First, I’d like to wish a happy new year to you all, I hope you’ll spend time with your relatives, that’s the most important thing in life! 2016 is also the year of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst with the game coming in May as well as the artbook and the comic book in Trade Paperback format (and perhaps even more MEC-related stuff).
I’ve been away the past two weeks but I’m back and I’ve realised Dark Horse has published a 6-page preview of Mirror’s Edge Exordium #5 which will be released next Wednesday.
Not much else to say except “here’s the preview”:



Digital sculpting discussion

Hello there, it’s been a while, I hope you’ve been doing okay! Just before Christmas, EA/Dice publishes a new article on the official Mirror’s Edge website. The subject is digital sculpting. If you’re wondering what this means, check out some of these videos.
So in this article, DICE artists are comparing their digital work with actual sculpting (with rocks and tools) and talking about the various techniques they use in their profession. It’s interesting, especially for people who would like to work in the video game industry as character artists. You will see that even for digital work, you will need to master a lot of classical techniques.
There are also a few words about animation.
I’ll let you read this article for more info!
Oh and Merry Christmas!


Faith seen by Amie Lynn

If you like video games and other geek stuff, you probably are familiar with cosplay which is a great way for fans to show their appreciation to video games creators!
Obviously, Mirror’s Edge has not been left out by cosplayers (check out our DeviantArt group with plenty of fan arts and cosplays) and the latest article on the official Mirror’s Edge website features a very dedicated cosplayer named Amie Lynn. She shares several tips and details about her own Faith costume which honestly looks great.
I’ll let you read the article and enjoy the photos, just click here!

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