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New images from GDC lighting presentation

Recently at GDC, some developers from DICE talked quite extensively about the lighting in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Until now it wasn’t very interesting for most fans because very technical, but now that Dualshockers released the presentation’s PDF document, we can discover plenty of new images from the game (along with the technical details, if you understand some of it).
So, click here to view and download this awesome PDF file and feast your eyes on some gorgeous new views of the city. Here are a few:

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More on combat in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

EA/Dice keep informing us about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst; we can really feel that the game’s release is getting closer.
Today they tell us more about the way Faith will fight the Conglomerate’s troops. She has two types of attacks: light and heavy, but even then, everything depends on the context and your momentum. You can just quickly hit and get away or really hurt the guy and make him disoriented.
In terms of damages on Faith, she will get hurt normally (she’s not Superwoman) but when she runs out of stamina, her health reaches a critical level.
We have heard of “Focus” before, and it is explained in this article: you gather Focus when you run flawlessly. When you are in complete Focus, you can’t get hurt (if you get hit, you just lose Focus, not health) and you are almost invisible to enemies.
As we have seen in some gameplay trailers, the game will feature third-person takedowns. It might seem strange for an FPS game but it’s a way to show us Faith (and honestly, who doesn’t want to see her?) and to indicate that you’ve defeated the last enemy in the area.
There’s another thing we know a bit about: “Shift”. They remind us that it’s like a short burst of acceleration that can be useful in many situations.
Faith also has something called the “Disruptor”, it’s part of her gadgets and allows her to hack various systems, open doors and so on. But in combat, it will allow her to stun a group of enemies using a loud sound when she has gathered enough Focus to use this function.
Click here to read the full article on mirrorsedge.com.
Now that we have all this information, we’re ready to kick some ass! Let’s hope the beta will be available soon!

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Dress like Faith (kind of)

If you are a free runner or just want to kinda look like Faith from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you can pre-order two brand new clothing items from musterbrand.com.
There’s a female jacket (nothing for us guys just yet) and a slick backpack, both pretty expensive but it looks like great quality stuff.
I guess we can keep looking at their Mirror’s Edge collection, they might add some more cool looking clothes and accessories.


Faith’s enemies in Catalyst

We already learned details about some of the protagonists in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, but today EA/Dice introduces the guys Faith will punch in the face!
Here are the five types of enemies who will do their best to enforce the Conglomerate’s rules (from the weakest to the strongest):

Guardians are quite common in the city of Glass and easy to defeat for someone as skilled as Faith.


Protectors are better equipped to resist basic attacks and retaliate, avoid them if they’re in groups.


Shock Protectors are pretty tough but can be dealt with, especially if you have unlocked the “Stun Advantage” ability. The device on their right arm is called a “Kinetic Pacifier”.


As you can see, Enforcers are equipped with assault rifles, which means they are more powerful at long range but not that much in close quarters.


Sentinels are a real challenge and Faith will need her all of her skills to defeat them. Being fast and sneaky will be the key in this case.
If you want more details about these guys, check out the original article on the official Mirrror’s Edge Catalyst website.


Xbox One controller, mini figures and EGX Rezzed

EA/Dice has announced on the official Mirror’s Edge Catalyst website that PDP (Performance Designed Products) will release an Xbox One controller featuring the game’s aesthetics (see picture below).

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst-inspired design includes the instantly recognizable Mirror’s Edge logo on the right side of the controller. Additionally, the controller has a 3.5mm headset jack with onboard audio control button, and is PC compatible. The officially licensed Xbox One Mirror’s Edge Catalyst controller will retail at an MSRP of $59.99.

They will also release a set of three mini figures including our beloved Faith, as well as Icarus and a new character: some kind of robot named Kuma if we trust the product’s page. I don’t really like those figures but I’m curious about the robot, hopefully we will learn more about it in the coming weeks!

Sold separately from the controller, the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Mini Figure Three-Pack includes three figures: Faith, Icarus, and Kuma. The mini figures are 1/20 scale of real world. These Mirror’s Edge Catalyst characters are officially licensed and highly detailed, and will impress the most critical of gamers and collectors. The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Mini Figure Three-Pack retails for an MSRP of $19.99.

The controller and the figures will be released on May 24th, 2016.


In other news, we’ve also learned that DICE will be present at the 2016 EGX Rezzed (I have honestly never heard of that) to talk about the artistic and technical conception of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. We might learn something there so I’ll check it out and tell you everything. It’s in 13 days.

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The Runner Vision in Catalyst

A new article has appeared on the official Mirror’s Edge Catalyst website. It’s a quick interview of Software Engineer Mark Scheurwater who is telling us more about the Runner Vision is this new game.
Just like in the first Mirror’s Edge, you can deactivite the Runner Vision if you want to find your own path but this time, there will be two settings if you enable it: Classic and Full View (which are still to be detailed).
Mark Scheurwater explains how much of a challenge it was to develop the Runner Vision in an open-world game such as Catalyst; it’s not as simple as a car’s GPS because there are so many possible paths in three dimensions. They looked at how the testers played the game and analyzed their most used routes to make the RV’s suggestions as relevant as possible.
Click here to read the article and see some brand new screenshots!

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City and factions

A brand new page has been published on the official Mirror’s Edge website and this time, it’s about the story through the city and the different factions populating the world of Catalyst.
We learn some details about three places called Anchor, Downtown and The View, each one being illustrated with several (rather small) screenshots.
And what seems to be more interesting is the “Factions” part, introducing The Runners, The Conglomerate and Black November with some new character images!
Hopefully they will keep updating the site frequently with new character profiles and more images and videos.
Click here to read the full article.

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New Catalyst dev diary

It’s been a long while since the last Catalyst dev diary but here’s a new one. It’s dedicated to the gameplay and the sound design with some cool new shots of the city. There’s nothing about the MAG Rope though, kind of disappointing.
I’ll let you watch it:


Details about the MAG Rope

Until yesterday, we didn’t know much about Faith’s brand new gadget: the MAG Rope. The official MEC website now has an article entirely dedicated to it.
First, we learn that “MAG” stands for “Manifold Attachment Gear”. The rest of the article is an interview of Producer Jeremy Miller who answers several questions about this new gadget.
The rope can attach to specific points only (like cameras) and allows Faith to jump over longer distances. The player has control over “speed and direction – and when and how you want to let go”.
Jeremy Miller also explains that the MAG Rope can be upgraded during the course of the game; we will be able to make it stronger, allowing Faith to reach more specific high points or grab various objects.
I remember when people started to realize that Faith would be equipped with some sort of grappling hook in Catalyst, most got worried but reading this article is quite reassuring (to me at least), here’s how they explain the necessity of such a gadget:

One reason is the more open city this time around. Crossing a highway – or even a two-lane road – is a surprisingly far distance that just isn’t jumpable. The MAG Rope allows us to maintain a more believable and varied city without being limited by the distance she can jump.

Now that the game is open-world, I can certainly understand that some places are not meant for runners but we still have to pass them (like highways as Miller says), so this MAG Rope sounds like a decent solution. We will have to see what it feels like when we actually play the game but I’m not as pessimistic about it as I used to be.
I invite you to read the full article (via the above link) for a more complete information.
Don’t go too far because there will be a new “behind the scenes” video today!

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