As I told you a few days ago, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be at Cologne’s Gamescom.
Vincent Vukovic (Community Manager at DICE) has even confirmed that the game will be playable for those who will be there!
There will also be a new trailer and some actual gameplay! Can’t wait to see that (in less than two days by the way).
In the same article, Vincent Vukovic also takes time to reply to three frequently asked questions about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst:

  • 1. Is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a prequel, a sequel or something entirely else? It’s a completely new game based on the universe of the first Mirror’s Edge and it’s about Faith’s origins.
  • 2. Is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a free-roaming game? Yes.
  • 3. When is it going to be released and for what platform? February 23rd (North America) and February 25th 2016 (Europe) on PC (Origin), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

He concludes the article by saying that you can submit your fan arts and cosplays to their official social networks accounts (links in the nav bar above, under “officials”).

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