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News about MEF

Hi there! The release date of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is getting closer and closer, the beta will start in a few days… and I’m leaving! For the last few months I’ve been planning a trip to Japan and I’m going tomorrow. I’ll stay there several months with my Working Holiday Visa so I will miss both the beta and the game… after all these years I’m disappointed but hey, I can still wait a few months now. But of course it also means that I probably won’t be able to keep posting all the news. I will try if I have time but they will be way shorter than before.
If you are curious about my trip to Japan, check out my Flickr gallery, I’ll post photos from time to time, and also my Instagram account.
Enjoy Catalyst for me, see you later!

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Monday April 18th, 2016 by

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7 Responses to News about MEF

  1. XtraManiaGamer

    Too bad that you are missing the launch of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst…
    Have a good time in Japan!

    For everyone else: You can get all the information you found on this blog and much more on reddit.com/mirrorsedge

  2. Tonio

    Trop cool que tu partes au Japon ! Profite à fond ça doit être une sacré expérience !
    T’inquiète pour la beta et le lancement du jeu on te tiendra au courant il n’y a pas de soucis 😉

    Bon voyage !! 😀

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