Hey there! Recently on Twitter I was asking if people would be interested in a forum on Mirror’s Edge Fans and 80% said yes!
So guess what I did… a new forum of course! It’s open right now for you to go and talk about Mirror’s Edge and other stuff you like in the appropriate section. Use this link or the one in the menu under “Community”.
As you will see, I’ve split the forum in two big parts: English and French. Obviously, the content in these two sections will be different but I hope it will work this way. If you know a bit of French, come see us there! I’ll be using both languages so you will see me everywhere!
If you are already registered on Mirror’s Edge Fans, you won’t need another account for the forum, you’ll be using the same login/password for both. If don’t have an account on MEF, when you do create one, check your “spam” folder if you don’t see the registration email in your inbox.
If you want, introduce yourself in the appropriate section, you can also give suggestions to improve the forum/site, obviously talk about the Mirror’s Edge franchise and the last sub-forum is for you to talk about anything you like (please avoid politics though :P)!
See you on the forums!

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