Hi there, sorry for the lack of news last week but I wasn’t home. The good thing is that this week will be way more interesting and you know why? Because EA/Dice has started teasing some news on Twitter yesterday: “Faith is returning. Stay alert this week.
Hopefully we will see news screenshots and info and perhaps a trailer… Not much to do except wait and check the social networks frequently!
In other news, Dark Horse has published a two-page preview (next time it’ll be one page haha) of Mirror’s Edge Exordium’s sixth and last chapter that will be released on February 10, check this out:

There’s also been a new interview of Design Director Erik Odeldahl by Prankster101. There are questions about sexual discrimination in games, gameplay issues and some seemingly annoying questions about budget and how big games like Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront affected the developpment of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at DICE.

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