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Erik Odeldahl’s presentation at EGX Rezzed

DICE’s Design Director Erik Odeldahl talked for about 50 minutes at EGX Rezzed a few hours ago and here’s what I’ve gathered from his presentation:
He started his speech by talking about the inspirations in creating Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and the mere fact that this game is here to answer questions from the first game, especially: who is Faith and why does she run?
The dev team started by establishing four “core pillars” they would always rely on when trying to add stuff to the game and they are the following:

  • The rise of a heroine (Faith’s origin story)
  • First person action (removing osbtacles slowing the player down, including guns)
  • Exploring the city of Glass (being free to do anything at anytime / context, history of the city)
  • Social playground (not much about that / racing through the city)

Here’s a quick list of what was told next by Erik Odeldahl:
– heights in the game: we could fall from up to 800m (that’s a long fall!)
– everything is about movement, skill
– nothing’s been randomly placed in the city
– runner’s vision works a bit like a GPS now, continuously updating the path
– MEC is more inspired by science-fiction than the first game
– a few words about the history of Cascadia (the country), but you can learn more about that if you keep exploring the city
– Virtual Reality: Dice is looking into VR but doesn’t make the game in this optics
– we will learn more about the social component “really really soon”. It’s integrated around the city.
Here’s the video if you want to watch it (it starts at 9:20) and a few pictures below:


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