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City and factions

A brand new page has been published on the official Mirror’s Edge website and this time, it’s about the story through the city and the different factions populating the world of Catalyst.
We learn some details about three places called Anchor, Downtown and The View, each one being illustrated with several (rather small) screenshots.
And what seems to be more interesting is the “Factions” part, introducing The Runners, The Conglomerate and Black November with some new character images!
Hopefully they will keep updating the site frequently with new character profiles and more images and videos.
Click here to read the full article.

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Tuesday March 15th, 2016 by

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2 Responses to City and factions

  1. scrapicoco

    le boulot sur le design, l’architecture, c’est juste dingue, plus que quelque semaine, mais bon c’est comme si c’était pour demain, le premier trailer de l’E3 2013 c’est comme si c’était l’année dernière.

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