Faith Connors is the game’s main character. Strong and independant, Faith has been raised by parents who were highly involved in the fight against the city’s repressive authority. Her mother’s death during a riot destroyed the family. For Faith, the “cause” was only one more lie. She left home at 16.
In order to survive in a city which was becoming more and more monitored, Faith survived by stealing. Five years later, she met Mercury while trying to rob him. He offered to teach her how to become a runner, she saw this as an opportunity to get out of the streets and followed an intense training.
At 24, Faith enjoys her liberty and despise everything the city stands for. However she knows its deepest secrets and exploits them to survive… dangerously. At the beginning of the game, Faith is back after a bad fall and she has to train to get back on her feet as a runner.


The voice in the earphone. Mercury – also known as Merc – is a Tracker, a former Runner who now trains the new ones and organises their missions, then guide them when they are on the field and he also acts as a confidant from time to time.
Merc met Faith three years ago when she was trying to rob his appartment. Since then, he made her the Runner she is today. Even if Merc is sarcastic and demanding, he’s entirely dedicated to his Runners.


Celeste is another high level Runner trained by Mercury. She works for a Tracker called Drake. She is a natural born runner who blooms in the athletic aspect of her job. She’s a close friend of Faith, even if they don’t always agree.
Even if she is good at running, Celeste doesn’t feel alive doing her job. She is modest but hides cynicism behind her balzing style.


Kate is Faith’s twin sister and they are very different. Faith is independant and rebel whereas Kate is sensitive and sociable (naive even). She believes in the system and became a police officer to protect what she stands for. Of course, she doesn’t appreciate the world her sister lives in, and Faith doesn’t like cops.
Even though they have made different choices and have been separated several years, Kate still has a lot of affection for her sister and keeps trusting her.


Kreeg is another Runner who works for Mercury. He helps Faith several times in the game but we don’t know much about him, maybe this character will be more developped in the new game.


Lieutenant Miller is Kate’s boss. He is an old school police officer and he is worried about all the private security companies slowly taking over the city. He is very close to Kate and starts helping Faith when they realise her sister is wrongly accused of Pope’s murder.


Jacknife is a blissful man who is always aware of what is going on in the city. There might have been something between him and Faith but they rarely talk about it in the game. She often comes to him for info to try solving Pope’s murder. Jacknife is a former runner but now he has higher ambitions for himself.



Travis Burfield also known as “Ropeburn” is a former professional wrestler who was banished after he broke his opponent’s arm and the referee’s nose. He started working in private security and was hired by Pope as a bodyguard. Everything around him seems hazardous but Faith will have to confront him because he is a suspect in the Pope murder case.

The Patrol Cop is your weakest enemy. Armed with a semi-automatic pistol and armorless, getting rid of him without a scratch is easy. Don’t be over-confident though; as Mercury says, fight them one by one! Their pistol is light and accurate and won’t be a burden when running but it has a very small amount of ammunition.
Semi-automatic pistol
Firepower ••••• / Range ••••• / Precision ••••• / Armor ••••

Riot Cops are stronger and better equipped than Patrol Cops. Their armor is light and not very effective against firearms but they very steady against melee attacks.
Using either a machine-gun or a shotgun, and sometimes wearing a shield, Riot Cops are more dangerous than Patrol cops, you will have to isolate them and act fast to get rid of them. Disarming them is the most effective solution.
Firepower ••••• / Range ••••• / Precision ••••• / Armor •••••
Firepower •••• / Range •••• / Precision •••• / Armor •••••

When you see the SWAT Cops coming, it means the situation is pretty bad. They wear a black armor from head to toe and use a deadly shotgun, a machine-gun that will tear you to shreds, a powerful assault rifle or a sniper rifle. Their armor makes any kind of close combat useless but they can be disarmed as easily as other cops, except the ones equipped with a machine-gun: they are pretty fast and you will need good reflexes to take their weapon from them. In both cases, defeating them won’t be an easy task.
Their weapons are not that heavy but will prevent you from climbing and running fast.
Firepower ••••• / Range ••••• / Precision ••••• / Armor •••••
Firepower •••• / Range •••• / Precision •••• / Armor •••••
Assault Rifle
Firepower ••••• / Range ••••• / Precision ••••• / Armor •••••
Sniper Rifle
Firepower •••• / Range ••••• / Precision ••••• / Armor •••••

SWAT Supports are heavy machinegunners who mostly stay back to cover their colleagues. Don’t walk in front of them for too long or you will get killed. Their armor is heavier than the simple SWAT cops’ and close combat will be extremely difficult against them, you should rather use another weapon to kill them or disarm them if you prefer. Their machine gun is heavy as well, which provides you more time to disarm them when they attack but will prevent you from doing anything but walking if you keep carrying it!
Heavy machine gun
Firepower ••••• / Range •••• / Precision ••••• / Armor ••••

PK Units have been created by Pirandello/Kruger to hunt down Runners. They are as fast as agile as you are and won’t let you get away if you are too slow. Their taser will deliver some serious electric shock so don’t get too close. They can follow you almost anywhere, they are just a bit slower than you (if you keep running without looking back).
If you are being surrounded you might have to use your fists, but be very careful because they are well trained to close combat as well. If you have to confront them, breathe, act fast and do your best to not get “tased”. Fleeing is your best option.
Firepower ••••• / Range ••••• / Precision •••• / Armor •••••