As a Runner, Faith possesses peak athletic skills as well as vast knowledge of the districts in the city of Glass. She is a skilled fighter and her martial arts abilities enables her to handle the city’s oppressive security forces. Though Runners have an ambivalent attitude towards technology, Faith will make use of a couple of gadgets to gain unique traversal opportunities and a connection to the Runner network, helping her navigate the city.
Faith was only seven years old on that clear November day when her life changed irreversibly. A peaceful protest against corporate enchroachment escalated into full-scale riots on the streets of Glass, resulting in the death of Faith’s entire family. She was saved by Noah, who came to raise and inspire her to become a Runner. These days Faith cares only for Noah, the small cabal of Runners around her, and the next run. But events will force her to take a stand in the fight against the oppressive authorities.


After the November Riots, Noah Kekai suddenly found himself with a child to raise – the daughter of Martin and Erika Connors. Now, the brooding Noah is one of the most powerful elders of the Runner cabals. He loves Faith as if she were his own and he has raised her to be prepared for a harsh world where softness can be lethal.




Nomad is no Runner, though he too lives on the rooftops. An outcast by choice and artist by trade, Nomad wages his own little war against the Conglomerate using his spray-cans and sense of humor. He and Faith have been close friends for many years.


The competitive, independent Icarus rivals Faith in both skill and cockiness. They both compete for the affection of Noah, and the position as top Runner in the city. Icarus true background is something he keeps well hidden, and only Noah is aware of the secret.


Birdman was a Runner long before there was a word for it. At first, it was simply a way for him to get around, but when the Conglomerate began to reshape Glass he saw his way of life threatened and started doing runs for the resistance. He came to inspire others, which in turn gave rise to the cabals. Though he still runs occasionally, he is now way past his prime and contemplation and pigeon-feeding have become a higher priority.


Specializing in black market goods and contraband, Dogen cares mostly about money and mischief. Conflicts between the city factions hold no interest to him beyond a steady source of income. Dogen can always be trusted to get a job done, but he shows allegiance to no-one but himself.


The ruthless head of KrugerSec is best not messed with. Kruger’s contempt for those living off the Grid is palpable and his hatred for the resistance, whom he relentlessly hunts, is immense. But within Kruger there are also feelings of conflict and guilt, stemming from the death of a loved one.


The most common face of KrugerSec to a well behaved employ. A constant reminder to the employs to closely follow Conglomerate policy and keep job performance high. Runners have been dealing with them for years and the Guardians offer little challenge to even a relatively new cabal member.


An uncommon and uncomfortable sight for Employs as their presence is often associated with direct policy enforcement, a demotion, or even deportation to lower caste facilities.
Resistant to damage and able to counter or retaliate against repeated attacks, their increased level of competence and protective gear make them a serious threat when found in groups.


KrugerSec has a class of units called Shock Protectors trained and ready to handle large groups or difficult employs or loCastes. Equipped with the Kinetic Pacifier, one or two can effectively corral large groups and force them to the ground.
Shock Protectors are tough and extremely resistant to direct attacks. Keep moving and use your momentum to attack while traversing the environment. If you get stuck on the ground, shift away from their attacks and counter with a kick from behind. If you’ve unlocked “Stun Advantage”, you can take advantage of a stunned or stumbling Shock Protector by shifting in close and delivering a few quick punches before breaking away to rebuild your speed and keep out of range.


The Enforcers are the special tactics team of KrugerSec, trained in tactical positioning and high damage ranged combat. The Enforcers are however only lightly trained in close quarters fighting.
Used for external military purposes they have only been present in correctional facilities or as Gabriel Kruger’s personal bodyguards. This is about to change.
When in combat with the Enforcers, keep moving and keep your Focus high. Close distances fast and take them out quickly – ignoring them can be fatal. They are hesitant to fire near friendlies which can be used to your advantage.


They are the Elite level of KrugerSec and represent the highest trained enemy you will face. The training program is shrouded in secrecy but their effectiveness is undebatable. They keep employs safe – often from themselves.
The Sentinels are fast, tenacious, and quick to deliver punishment. When facing a Sentinel, keep moving, do advanced traversal to build some distance, and attack from the air as much as possible to avoid being countered. Taking them on face to face is difficult as they can knock you off your feet with a single heavy punch before following up quickly with sequence of attacks designed to beat you into submission. The “Switch Place” move is extremely useful and can help level the playing field.

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