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Almost a date for Mirror’s Edge

I don’t have much time so here’s the thing: several gaming sites have revealed the existence of a PDF showing EA’s financial report and it includes some vague “release dates” for their next games, including Mirror’s Edge!! It’s the first actual news we’ve had in a year…
So, they say the game could be released during the first quarter of 2016. But remember, this is not an official announcement, and even officially announced release dates can change…

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Wednesday May 6th, 2015 by

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2 Responses to Almost a date for Mirror’s Edge

  1. Hidoniro

    Vous faites du très bon boulot sur ce site meme si l’actualité autour de Mirror’s Edge 2 est maigre. J’attend ce jeu avec impatience étant donné que j’adore le premier Mirror’s Edge. J’ai hate d’y jouer :) en tout cas bon courage à toute l’équipe du site.

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