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Achieving Mirror’s Edge in less than 40 minutes

We all know that Mirror’s Edge is mostly based on skills and speed. Of course you can take your time to finish the game (that’s what I usually do), but a lot of people train relentlessly until they can finish the game in less than an hour!
Youtube user VafflaN8 managed to get this done in less than 40 minutes, an incredible feat. If you watch his video below, you will see that being a skilled player is not enough, you also have to know and benefit from any possible bug or glitch which makes the speed run look really weird from time to time.
You’ll find more info about this particular speed run on the Speed Demos Archive.

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Sunday December 22nd, 2013 by

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One Response to Achieving Mirror’s Edge in less than 40 minutes

  1. artosae

    Lui c’est un bon… il te place des moove que tu ose a peine placer en contre la montre dans un single segment… j’ose même pas imaginer le temps qu’il a passer a faire ça… rien que pour le walljump kick jump du tout debut (pour éviter le numéro d’équilibriste) j’y ai passer au moins une bonne journée pour le placer a 90% de réussite…

    rien d’infaisable au final mais c’est sur ce mode de jeu que ça deviens totalement hallucinant.

    il le voulait son record lol, GG à lui.

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