Hi, my nickname is MichaWha, I’m French and I’m the creator of Mirror’s Edge Fans. Here’s a quick history of this site.
When I saw the very first screenshots of Mirror’s Edge, I instantly fell in love with its unique visual style.

I immediately wanted to create a fansite dedicated to Mirror’s Edge and try to gather a community around this. Everything started with a simple WordPress blog hosted on a French internet provider’s FTP space. At this point, it was only a French site.

With the help of some people from the forum (see “Thank you” section below), we were publishing content and news as often as possible. At that time, Hikari created a new design for the site and the forum:

After that, I bought the domain MirrorsEdgeFans.fr in order to make it look more serious to the users and to the search engines. Then I kept adding stuff relatively on my own, with some ups and downs, especially between the release of the first game and the announcement of the second one. It brought the site back on tracks and with TheSlappySlap and Eideren we started working on a new design.

With Eideren, we keep adding and polishing features on Mirror’s Edge Fans, and I try to add as much content as possible to make our site the Mirror’s Edge reference.
To get a wider audience, we started translating the entire site in English, and bought the domain MirrorsEdgeFans.com.
I hope you like this site, and if so, feel free to participate in the comments and to join us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and DeviantArt.
Since February 2014, MEF also has a mobile version, more info here.

Thank you

I would like to thank all the people who visit this site and I hope you will keep doing it!
And I also want to thank the following people for their help, support and participation:

  • Dragoon70
  • Eideren
  • Hikari
  • Florent Chouffot
  • Joanne Harper
  • Matthias Sweertvaegher
  • RunnerSyl
  • TheSlappySlap
  • And of course DICE and EA for creating Mirror’s Edge!