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3D and modding

Back in 2009, Mirror’s Edge fans managed to use the game’s files (especially 3D models) as well as the Unreal Editor – which is unavailable by default – to create custom maps.
The very first user-created map was hosted here but the page is now offline.

Exporting 3D models

Using Gildor’s Umodel, you will be able to export 3D models and textures (and a lot of other files) from the PC version of Mirror’s Edge and other Unreal Engine based games (Tutorial).
Here are some characters I have exported from the game using this tool:

Running the Unreal Editor

By default, it is impossible to run the Unreal Editor from Mirror’s Edge, but since 2009, the community of former fansite On-Mirrors-Edge.com managed to do it and started creating custom maps.
To run the UE, you first have to get three folders from other Unreal Engine based games like Unreal Tournament 3 or Gears of War. If you own one of these games, take a look at the install folder, then go in Binaries, copy folders “EditorRes“, “wxRC” and “wxRes” and paste them in the Binaries folder of Mirror’s Edge.
Then right-click on MirrorsEdge.exe (in the same folder), “send to”, “Desktop (create shortcut)”.
Then on your desktop, right-click on the newly created shortcut, “Properties” and in “Target”, add the word editor at the end of the line.
Then if you double-click this shortcut, it should open the Unreal Editor (instead of starting Mirror’s Edge).

Here are some useful links to help you create content using the Unreal Editor:

3 Responses to 3D and modding

  1. milosavljevic

    C est beau,extra se jeu m inspire beaucoup est je suis impresionné par se jeu c est personnages Kate,faiht,e c est paysages c est magnifique

  2. ThePeperteam

    Salut ! 😀
    Dites, avez vous des liens pour télécharger les dossiers “EditorRes”, “wxRC” et “wxRes” ?
    Ça serait vraiment cool puisque ça me tente bien de faire des maps ME :3
    Merci d’avance 😉

  3. MichaWha Post author

    @ThePeperteam : Salut ! Ca fait vraiment longtemps que j’ai écrit cet article et je n’ai plus les fichiers, désolé :( Peut-être pourras-tu les trouver quelque part sur internet, bonne chance ! Par contre, comme dit dans l’article, ces fichiers sont trouvables dans les dossiers d’installation d’autres jeux de l’époque qui tournaient sous l’unreal engine, donc ça sera peut-être moins difficile que je ne pensais.

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