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Rocket Chainsaw has published an article revealing some details about the new Mirror’s Edge game. They say that verified sources have seen video footage of DICE’s current production. We can’t be sure of anything so we have to consider those information as rumors.
Here is a quick summary of their article (link above):

  • The first trailer shown at E3 2013 was entirely real time
  • The game is developped for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and Mac
  • They confirm that it will be a total reboot
  • DICE’s objective is "to create an open world, living breathing city for you to explore"
  • The game will feature some kind of "always online" element, allowing players to easily play with one another in co-operation or competitive modes
  • Faith will have to fight new enemies such as the Protectors, the Sentinels and the Enforcers (more info in the full article)
  • The developpers are doing their best to provide a great parkour and combat experience, trying not to "break" the player’s freerun: they are trying to get a smooth transition between running and fighting.
  • Faith will have some new combat moves but apparently no guns
  • The game is planned to be released in 2016…

It appears that EA won’t comment on these rumors.

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MEF becomes mobile-friendly

Mirror’s Edge Fans now has its mobile version! If you enter our site’s address in your smartphone’s browser, you should be automatically redirected to a version that fits your terminal.
However, this new version only contains the news; if you want to browse the whole content of MEF, you should do it from a computer.
If you don’t have a mobile, click here to see what it looks like: m.mirrorsedgefans.com.
This version is available in English and French, just like the actual site.
Thanks to Dragoon70 for creating this.

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New winner – Mirror’s Edge for free!

As I was telling you earlier, Mirror’s Edge is on sale on Steam right now, but it’s still not as cheap as 0$!
To win a Steam copy of the game, register on Mirror’s Edge Fans and leave a comment on this news. Tomorrow I will randomly select a winner and offer him/her a Steam copy of the game!
Please enter the contest only if you have a Steam account, but feel free to join Mirror’s Edge Fans in any case :)
Update 1: The contest will be over today (February 2nd, 2014) at 7PM, hour of Paris, France. Refer to The World Clock.
Update 2: It’s 5PM here in France, two hours left to win a Steam copy of Mirror’s Edge! Register on Mirror’s Edge Fans and leave a comment below!
Update 3: One hour left to participate!
Update 4: The contest is over, and the winner is MrPfouify . I’ll contact him by email to offer him a Steam copy of Mirror’s Edge.
I hope you like Mirror’s Edge Fans and you will stay with us to learn more about this great series of games, especially when we’ll get some news about the reboot!
Thanks :)
Update 5: New update: our winner already had Mirror’s Edge so I have to run a new random selection and the winner is DEFCON SHARK!

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Ultra HD screenshots #1

Hi everyone! If you follow us on social networks, you have probably noticed that I have posted links to very high resolution screenshots. Here is a summary of the first six screenshots I have shared with you.
Let’s start with a preview (small version):
ultrahd_screen_01 ultrahd_screen_02 ultrahd_screen_03
ultrahd_screen_04 ultrahd_screen_05 ultrahd_screen_06
And here are the links to the HD versions:

Of course, I will keep adding HD screenshots, stay tuned on social networks to be alerted when I do!


Rats in Mirror’s Edge

I hope you like rodents because the latest page of Mirror’s Edge Fans is all about rats!
You have probably noticed the presence of many rats in Mirror’s Edge, and that’s why I decided to make a page about them.
You will find it in the navigation menu under Guides => The univers => The Rats.
It’s the first page of a series dedicated to "Easter Eggs" in Mirror’s Edge.


Mirror’s Edge with Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display. It’s similar in its shape to a diving mask, but inside of it, there is a screen that displays what’s on your computer screen, and of course it’s great to play first person games. More info on Wikipédia.
So why not try Mirror’s Edge with the Oculus Rift? You will find several videos on Youtube, but here are two from youtuber jacksepticeye:


As you can see it works quite well, especially in the second video with an increased FOV (see our Special Settings page to know how to do that -without the Oculus Rift of course-). This device is still in development but I can’t wait to try it with Mirror’s Edge and lots of other games!


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