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Recap from last week

Hi there, as I was saying before, I was on holidays last week so I missed a few things. Let’s see what’s new with Mirror’s Edge!
Let’s start with this: PAX Prime is right now and Microsoft can make you win custom Xbox One controllers and one of them is (they say) dedicated to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. It’s so ugly that I don’t see the reference to MEC but here’s a link to the contest and a picture below:
Next; apparently there’s a new concept art around. It’s been shown at Siggraph 2015 and serves as an inspiration for DICE to work on “screenspace reflections” in their Frostbite engine. Of course, this picture is merely a concept art, a mix between a rough 3D base and a lot of digital painting over it, but it looks great nonetheless and here it is (click here for better quality):
To keep talking technical, DualShockers have a quick interview of Sara Jansson in which she talks about how the Mirror’s Edge team works with the Frostbite team to develop a specific reflection technology that would fit the game’s requirements and also the streaming technology needed in a game in which you can interact with everything and keep going forward pretty fast without any loading screens.
Then there’s another Sara Jansson interview (video this time) by OutsideXbox in which she (evasively) answers a few questions. Here’s the link, if you have been following the news here on Mirror’s Edge Fans, you probably won’t learn anything. The only detail that I find intriguing is when she says “there’s something outside of the city that we will hint about”.
Well I think that’s about it, I hope I didn’t miss anything. If it’s the case, please tell me in the comments!


Five pages from Mirror’s Edge Exordium

Hi there, two things today: first, Polygon has the first five pages of Mirror’s Edge Exordium, the comics set to release on September 9. It looks great (better than the first comic we know) and features Faith distracting security guards to allow two of her friends to enter a building.
The other thing is an official tweet from the Mirror’s Edge account with a photo from DICE studio showing a 3D artist working on what seems to be a runner tattoo. I have to say, seeing that is pretty cool!


[Update 4] Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at Gamescom ’15

EA’s Gamescom conference is still going on and we already have a new video about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and it’s pure gameplay:

In this first Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gameplay trailer, experience the moment where Faith begins her rise from a carefree runner to the hero the city needs. Playing in first person allows players to feel her fluid movement, combat and power.

At the beginning of the game, Faith is released from juvenile detention, and her long-time mentor, Noah, has welcomed her back to the Runner’s lair. He now trusts Faith enough to give her a true Runner’s job. She is tasked to break into the Elysium building in the Downtown district to find a terminal where she can get access to important information. However, things don’t go as planned as Gabriel Kruger makes an unannounced visit to the facility…

And here’s a screenshot that’s been published on social networks:
I’ll update this article if needed so think about coming back :)
The official website has been updated with several new articles, I’m going to read them and update this article again to tell you the most important details, in the meantime, here are some new screenshots:
The first article is a biography of Faith. Here’s what we learn:

  • Her parents’ names: Martin Connors and Erika Connors.
  • Glass is the third largest city in Cascadia.
  • The November Riots opposed non-violent protesters lead by Faith’s parents against the police and KrugerSec (the largest private security firm).
  • Faith barely got away, saved by Noah, a friend of her parents. He became a substitute father to her. He’s also the guy who’s talking to her over the radio in the game.
  • After the riots, two entitites emerged: the Black November resistance movement and the Conglomerate. Faith is neutral.
  • Faith is quite selfish (at least in the beginning), she cares more about running than helping the people.

The other article is dedicated to the city of Glass and is presented like an official tourist’s guide published by the city itself:

  • The coastal city of Glass is located to the far south of Cascadia Prime.
  • Glass is one of two development hubs for Silvine Systems and therefore stands at the forefront of the digitized revolution.
  • The city of the first game was probably called “Sky City”.
  • (From the government’s point of view) the city is full of life and leisure activities.
  • Centuries ago, Glass used to be a small seaside village.
  • There’s a new calendar, starting at FY00 (when “our proud Nation of Cascadia was formed”).
  • When the city started growing, crime augmented as well, until the “Kruger Uprising”.
  • The riots happened in FY34.
  • “The Conglomerate Board decided to do its utmost to eradicate and heal the terrible trauma of those chaotic weeks, and CC Corp was given the full mandate to refurbish and reconstruct the city”.

The way this article is written (from the point of view of the government), it really looks like I’m reading a dystopian novel like Orwell’s 1984: the people has no right except smiling and saying everything is alright even if it’s completely untrue.
Here are three new screenshots published by Gamersyde:

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Official website update

As I told you a few days ago, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be at Cologne’s Gamescom.
Vincent Vukovic (Community Manager at DICE) has even confirmed that the game will be playable for those who will be there!
There will also be a new trailer and some actual gameplay! Can’t wait to see that (in less than two days by the way).
In the same article, Vincent Vukovic also takes time to reply to three frequently asked questions about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst:

  • 1. Is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a prequel, a sequel or something entirely else? It’s a completely new game based on the universe of the first Mirror’s Edge and it’s about Faith’s origins.
  • 2. Is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a free-roaming game? Yes.
  • 3. When is it going to be released and for what platform? February 23rd (North America) and February 25th 2016 (Europe) on PC (Origin), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

He concludes the article by saying that you can submit your fan arts and cosplays to their official social networks accounts (links in the nav bar above, under “officials”).


EA at Gamescom next week

In just a few days, Cologne (Germany) will host the famous Gamescom. E3 2015 is still fresh in our minds with the glorious announcement of Catalyst, but EA will tell us more about Mirror’s Edge at Gamescom. Hopefully we’ll have some new pictures and videos but in any case, stay tuned next Wednesday (Aug. 5) at 4 AM Eastern and 1 AM Pacific for the U.S., 9 AM for the U.K. and 10 AM for the rest of Europe.
In other news, the Cosplay Contest is over and winners have been picked, here are their photos:
And to conclude: the official Mirror’s Edge account on Twitter has shared a link to our fansite so… Thank you!!


ME Exordium #2 cover

Dark Horse has just published a new page for the second issue of Mirror’s Edge Exordium (the comic book).
It’s available for pre-order for $3.99 and the release date is set to October 14. The writer and artists are the same as in the first issue.
Here’s the cover, featuring Faith and an unknown man (probably another runner):


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