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HQ Trailer + PS4 Theme

It’s been two weeks since EA’s E3 announcement and the only trailer version we had until now was the (rather poor quality) YouTube version. But not anymore! Since yesterday, Gamersyde provides a way better version, still 1080p but without the extreme YouTube compression, so it’s 500MB for two minutes, but it’s worth it!
Click here to download the trailer over at Gamersyde.
Another thing, apparently there’s a PS4 theme offered if you pre-order Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on the PlayStation Store. I can’t verify the info though because on the French version of the Store, there’s nothing about MEC and I can’t seem to access the US version of the Store so I’ll leave you with this video:


MEC for pre-order on Amazon.fr

A quick article for our French readers: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is available for pre-order (at long last) on Amazon.fr, here are the links for the three different versions (PC, PS4, Xone):

Click here if you don’t live in France and still want to pre-order the game on Amazon.
Oh and by the way, we’ve reached 500 followers on our Tumblr, thanks a lot everyone :)


New goodies at Dice Store

Not much going on these days about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Dice keeps posting on Twitter and Facebook but nothing really interesting in terms of information. Well there’s an interview of Design Director Erik Odeldahl with a few words about motion capture, but noting groundbreaking.
But there is new stuff in the Dice Store like a rubber bracelet, a pin, a keychain and a few cool t-shirts with Faith’s tattoo on it, take a look:
I think I’m gonna go for a t-shirt!


A few more details

This is probably the last news about E3 2015 with just a few more details revealed by IGN.
First, they have an article about multiplayer, in which they say that in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst there’s always a connection to other players but they can’t actually play together in the same city; what Dice calls “asynchronous play”. Also, your hacked billboards can appear in your friends’ games and the last detail is that “when setting up for a Dash race, you’ll see your friends leaderboard scores imprinted on the objective in your game”.
So it’s clear now that there won’t be actual competitive multiplayer in Catalyst, don’t expect your friends to join your game, but still you will be able to compete with them in a better way than in the first Mirror’s Edge.
There’s also a wiki page on IGN with a few details I might have missed. In terms of side missions, we’ve talked about Races and Billboard Hacks, but there’s another mode call “Delivieries” in which Faith has to carry a package from point A to point B as fast as possible and either avoid or fight against security forces.

So far, there are three known types of security forces:

  • Protectors: Lightly armored enemies who are likely adept at free-running, and possibly prefer melee weapons to firearms.
  • Guardians: Versatile medium armored foes who carry firearms and will require momentum to defeat.
  • Sentinels: Heavily armored security forces who are a major threat to Faith, and are either best left avoided or require cunning and speed to defeat.

And to conclude, it looks like MEC has won its fair share of awards from various magazines from around the world, take a look:


Twitter FAQ and some photos of E3 booth

The official Facebook account of Mirror’s Edge has published several photos of the E3 booth. It’s the first time they show the right side of the monitors so we can see a few places from the demo. Note that the game was running on PCs, there was no console at all. We can also see some goodies like bottles and cool new t-shirts (not yet available for purchase). Not much else to say here, just enjoy the photos.
Until a few minutes ago on Twitter, Faye Kingslee and Jeff Berg were answering some questions live with the community. You’re probably thinking “who are thse people?”. Well, there are voice actors for characters in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and they also did some motion capture for it. Unfortunately we didn’t learn any info except that Jeff Berg plays a character named Icarus and that they had some good fun working on the game…


Gamespot’s impressions + photos

Dan Hindes from Gamespot has had the chance of being able to play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at E3 and he gives his impressions in this video. There are quite a few interesting things to remember:

  • Two types of attacks. Flow attack: takes a guy down and you maintain your momentum and keep going. Transference attack: transfers your momentum to the enemy (kicking him off a building, pushing him into another guy…)
  • EA/Dice qualify the game using the expression “free roaming” rather than “open-world”. They will talk about that later but the journalist thinks it’s going to be big sections of free-roaming in the city more than an entire city to explore (those sections seem pretty huge though).
  • If you set a waypoint on the map, it will automatically create a runner vision path
  • Faith seems to have an articifial implant in her eyes that comes up with a HUD, it’s like some kind of augmented reality. It’s not there all the time though but the runner vision is part of this new “enhancement”

Here are some photos gathered from the official Mirror’s Edge Twitter and Instagram accounts:

mec_at_e32015_05 mec_at_e32015_06 mec_at_e32015_07

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More interviews

E3 is still going strong and EA/Dice can’t stop talking about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and we like that!
I’ve stumbled upon two new interviews, so here’s a summary of the important things to remember:
** Interview: game’s design director Erik Odeldahl

  • more animations, more transitions between different states of movements
  • stable base/foundation to build on, hopefully many more games
  • no co-op, no versus but still competitive multiplayer (racing/flow)
  • it’s not a big open sandbox from the beginning, it opens as you play the game

** IGN
** Interview: senior producer Sara Jansson

  • there’s no actual “boss” but the encounters are more and more difficult depending on how the different types of enemies are combined
  • you can use the environment in combat
  • in the beginning of the game, the areas are easy to navigate through and it gets more and more complex in order to use all of Faith’s skills
  • the device on Faith’s hand will help her do some new cool moves and it will change over time

So as you can see, it’s still pretty vague on many details but we’re getting there. Erik Odeldahl and Sara Jansson both say that we’ll learn more in the coming days/weeks, so don’t go too far!


[Update] New Sara Jansson interviews

Since the E3 announcement, there’s almost nothing new about Mirror’s Edge. People at E3 have been able to play it (apparently on PCs running with Nvidia Geforce) but nobody has published any gameplay video yet. Stay tuned though, I’ll be sure to share the best ones whenever possible!
In the meantime, Senior Producer Sara Jansson has been interviewed twice.
Once by Twitch, but I missed the beginning of the interview so here’s what I’ve heard: in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Faith will have a true character progression (we’ve already heard something similar with her skills and gadgets), we will be able to uncover secrets throughout the city which will in turn make the city evolve. About that, Sara says that the environment will naturally become more and more hostile to the runners during the story (I guess the control on the people is getting stronger by the minute and there are more and more patrols in the streets). She also said that the gameplay won’t be too hard for beginners but will also be rewarding for hardcore gamers: it allows for failure (to a certain degree of course) but also allows for greatness when the player is skilled.
She has also been interviewed by Polygon and she told them that in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Faith absolutely does not use guns. Never. It’s even impossible to pick one up. At least, the game did not become a shooter, that’s good news. And for those who think that bringing down entire squads of enemies without a gun will be tough, here’s what Sara has to say:

Faith will fight, but she doesn’t kill. Now the fighting is more of an extension of the movement. It builds on the flow. It fits a lot better with the game mechanics. When Faith is in flow, when she stitches together move after move without failing and keeps her momentum going, she’s actually invulnerable to bullets. That can keep her out of harm’s way. It’s only when she stops that she can get hurt.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more info!
Update: Here are some photos from the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst booth at E3:


[Update] Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at E3

Well, that’s it, we’ve seen Catalyst. The trailer is available below.
The game is due on February 23, 2016 in the US and February 25 in Europe and features a young Faith fighting her way in the City of Glass to bring down Gabriel Kruger who’s got his hand on everything and everyone in the city.
The main things to keep in mind are: action adventure, the origin story of Faith, various game modes including environmental puzzles, no levels/no loading… And that’s pretty much it. Visually the game looks great, it’s darker than the first one and Faith looks very beautiful (we even see her as a child).
I’ll update this post with more pics and videos.

Okay so the official website has been updated so I’ll read everything and brief you on it. In the meantime, here are some new pics!
[Update] Here’s the video shown before the trailer, actual gameplay:

I’ve read what’s new on the official website and here are a few important things to remember :

As your skills grow so does your reach and gadgets will expand it even further, making seemingly impossible locations available to the daring.

[...] pushing you to scale the greatest heights and explore deepest tunnels, while you quickly weave in and out of all kinds of buildings.

Combat too is focused on movement and agility, and Faith has no use for guns [...]

The main story is told through a series of linked missions, but in between them players have total freedom to explore the city and run races, solve puzzles and more.

[...] “Billboard Hack” where the challenge lies in finding your way up to the billboard so that you can hack it and display your runner tag instead of the corporate propaganda.

Here are some more pictures:
Senior Producer Sara Jansson has answered a few questions on Twitter, here’s what she said:

We are not giving away those details yet but what I can tell you is that it will be longer than the first.

We are introducing a new version of Runner’s vision that will help you navigate the city.

there will be plenty of ways for you to compete with your friends. We are not going into details at the moment.

There will be a story path but there are also plenty of optional missions and content plus a strong social component.

The Origin page of the game explains that if you pre-order the game, you will get 2 bonuses:

Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst Combat Runner Kit
Take your fight for freedom to the next level with unique in-game items. Change how you appear in other players’ worlds with the combat-themed Projection Shader. Stand out in the leaderboards with a Runner Tag. Plus, customize your Screen Hacks with a unique background.
Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst Speed Runner Kit
Give speed a whole new meaning with the Speed Runner Kit. Change how you appear in other players’ worlds with the speed-themed Projection Shader. Stand out in the leaderboards with a Runner Tag. Plus, customize your Screen Hacks with a unique background.

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EA’s conference live

If you don’t know where to watch EA’s conference live… why not here on Mirror’s Edge Fans?
Here are a Twitch and a YouTube players, just choose the one you prefer.

Feel free to leave comments during the conference, I won’t be able to reply (too busy taking notes and making an article), but I’ll reply when I have time :)



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